Friday, June 3, 2016

Innsbruck Inn, Stowe, Vermont

Built in the distinctive Tyrolean architectural style, Innsbruck Inn grew out of the imagination of the Drolet family.  They got all caught up in the 1964 Olympics where Stowe, Vermont's own favorite son, Billy Kidd, won the first ever Olympic medal for the United States in alpine skiing in, ta-ta, Innsbruck, Austria.  By 1966, Kidd was actually outracing the famous Jean-Claude Killy.

Jean-Louis & Lucille Drolet started by building a big chalet house and turning it into a Bed and Breakfast - before B&B's were the cool thing to do.  By 1972 they were ready to build their hotel - our hotel - also in the Tyrolean style and duplicate Innsbruck's feel of skiing history.

Downstairs is the darkly wooded bar and eating area with stucco walls covered with photographs of great skiers, familiar guests and artifacts you would expect to find in the Alps.

The room was wonderful, the food was excellent, the owners are wonderful, and we would go back in a heartbeat - if we were ever in the New England north again!  Next time maybe we will take the sleigh ride through the fields around the Inn and across their covered bridge.  It was really all very beautiful - just like you would imagine a snowy New England winter.

Hey!  Where's your coat!  Can't get that man to wear a coat for love nor money!

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