Saturday, June 4, 2016

"The Sound of Music"

Yup, also in Stowe, Vermont you will find the home of the Von Trapp family.  Yes, that Von Trapp family.  If you haven't see "The Sound of Music," rent/buy it, watch it and get back here asap.

The Von Trapp's truthful escape from Austria was by train to Italy, then onto London and by ship to America.  The rest of the story in "The Sound of Music" is pretty accurate.  They then toured America telling their story and singing through the rest of the 1940's.  Finally settling in Stowe, Vermont they purchased a 2,500 acre farm and began welcoming guests to their 27-room family home in the summer of 1950.

Photo courtesy of the Von Trapp family website

The original home burned down, and they replaced it with a 96-room lodge reminiscent of their homeland's Austrian architecture. Check it out at

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